About Us

Our Mission

We are a nonprofit, volunteer, tax-exempt charitable organization whose mission is to preserve the beauty and character of Mount Holly through the conservation of land, environment, and natural resources that are valued by the community.

Our primary objectives are to:

  1. Conserve specific parcels of land and/or natural resources
  2. Educate the community about the value of conservation and the means of achieving it
  3. Acquire financial resources for conservation
  4. Work with other organizations to promote the mission of the Mount Holly Conservation Trust

Where We Work

We focus on the area in and around Mount Holly, Vermont. Which is a rural, high elevation plateau that lies along the spine of the Green Mountains, a critical wildlife link, and rich with diverse habitats.

What We Do

We protect the land and natural features that make Mount Holly such a special place to be–farms, forests, ponds, rivers, trails, and more. We want to ensure what we cherish will remain for future generations to enjoy.

  • Natural lands conservation for wildlife habitat, recreation, and forest products. Explore
  • Farm lands conservation for preserving our rural heritage and promoting local fresh food. Explore
  • Protecting and preserving our ponds, rivers, and wetlands. Explore
  • Education and outreach. Explore

Who Benefits

Everyone who loves Mount Holly benefits from conservation. Residents and visitors enjoy public swimming, fishing, and boating access. Families are able to preserve heritage lands. Future generations will continue to benefit from conserved farmland. Foresters and loggers benefit from the conservation of well-managed woodlands. Hikers, hunters, skiers, and snowmobilers benefit from open areas with protected recreational access. Wildlife benefits from the preservation of vital habitats. Many businesses depend on the preservation of Vermont’s scenic beauty and rural character. Most importantly, conservation helps us preserve the distinctive character of our town.

Who We Are

Our Board of Directors:

  • Brigid Sullivan,  President
  • Jon McCann, Vice President
  • Monique Szechenyi,  Treasurer
  • Alison Weintraub, Secretary
  • Jim Corven
  • Steve Hazelton
  • David Martin
  • Jessica Metcalfe
  • Kim Royar

Former board members:

  • Lisa Freeman
  • John Fiske (President 2004–2006)
  • Andy Tanger (President 2009, 2016–2020)
  • Annette Lynch (Vice President 2004-2022)
  • Marcy Tanger (Secretary 2004–2011)
  • Stephanie Smith (Secretary 2011–2020)
  • Lory Doolittle (Secretary 2020–2023)
  • Minga Dana (Treasurer 2004–2015)
  • Ron Unterman (Treasurer 2015–2020)
  • Joan McCallum
  • Jim Johnson
  • Phil Nexon
  • Roland Marx
  • Dottie Finnerty

Our Partners

Much of our work is done in close partnership with other organizations. Some of these include:

  • Vermont Land Trust
  • Vermont Housing and Conservation Board
  • The Conservation Fund
  • Farm & Wilderness Conservation / The Ninevah Foundation
  • Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
  • The Freeman Foundation